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皐月の会2018 (May Gathering 2018)


5月からAmina Bulatihan先生、IVO室に4月からMEの佐藤さん、浅見さんが加わりました。

また、Queen Mary, University of LondonからKok Han Ang先生とHoward Tjendra先生が5月14日から5月25日まで、短期研修生として滞在しています。 短い期間ではありますが、お二人の先生にはできるだけ多くの事を学び、充実した日々を過ごして帰国して欲しいと思います。

秘書も多数入れ替わることとなり、3月に前田さん、5月にフランスからクロ エ・ミシェルさんが加わりました。


文責 クロエ

Last Wednesday we had the great pleasure to hold a “May Gathering 2018” to welcome and exchange with new doctors and staff members.

Dr. Kok Han Ang and Dr. Howard Tjendra from Queen Mary, University of London, joined us in May for a two weeks clinical observation. We have been very glad to interact with them, even for such a short period. We hope they will come back to study Interventional Oncology at Juntendo University.

We also welcomed Dr. Amina Bulatihan from Kazakhstan who started this month a 4 years long PhD at Juntendo University, Mr. Sato and Mr. Asami from ME who have been working at the IVO room from April, Ms. Maeda (since March) and Ms. Chloe Michel (since May) from France who started working as secretaries.

It was in a relaxed atmosphere, with delicious food and drinks, that we introduced ourselves to get to know one another.

Thank you for the wonderful time and friendly conversations.

Chloe is responsible for this report

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