Friday, March 19, 2021  19:00-20:30 JST

3rd International Ablation Webinar

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Session 1  19:00-19:15

「Resource related factors in ablation」

Speaker:Professor Shuichiro Shiina, Department of Gastroenterology, Juntendo University, Japan

Session 2  19:15-19:30

「Precise ablation for tumors at risky location」

Speaker:Dr. Chiang Ming Feng, Department of Gastroenterology, Lotung Poh Ai Hospital, Taiwan

Session 3  19:30-20:30

​Ablation Case Studies -Difficult case discussion-

Moderator:Dr. Hitoshi Maruyama, Department of Gastroenterology, Juntendo University, Japan
Panelist 1:Dr. Takeshi Hatanaka, Gunma Saiseikai Maebashi Hospital, Japan

Panelist 2:Dr. Nobuhito Taniki, Keio University, Japan

Panelist 3:Dr. David Lim, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Changi General Hospital, Singapore


Case 1:Dr. Flavio Andresciani, UNIVERSITA'CAMPUS BIO-MEDICO DI ROMA, Italy
Case 2:Dr. Parham Tinoush, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany
Case 3:Professor Li Kai, Department of Ultrasound, The 3rd Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, China


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